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Data Mining for RNA-seq data: normalization, feature selection and classification

DaMiR.AllplotQuality assessment and visualization of expression data
DaMiR.ClustplotExpression data clustering and heatmap
DaMiR.corrplotCorrelation Plot
DaMiR.EnsembleLearningBuild Classifier using 'Staking' Ensemble Learning strategy.
DaMiR.FBestSelect best predictors to build Classification Model
DaMiR.FReductRemove highly correlated features, based on...
DaMiR.FSelectFeature selection for classification
DaMiR.FSortOrder features by importance, using RReliefF filter
DaMiR.goldenDiceGenerate a Number to Set Seed
DaMiR.makeSEImport RNA-Seq count data and variables
DaMiR.MDSplotPlot multidimentional scaling (MDS)
DaMiR.normalizationFilter non Expressed and 'Hypervariant' features and Data...
DaMiR.sampleFiltFilter Samples by Mean Correlation Distance Metric
DaMiR.SVIdentification of Surrogate Variables
DaMiR.SVadjustRemove variable effects from expression data
DaMiR.transposeMatrix transposition and replacement of '.' and '-' special...
data_minExample gene-expression dataset for DaMiRseq package
data_normA dataset with a normalized matrix to test several DaMiRseq...
data_reducedExample gene-expression dataset for DaMiRseq package
data_reliefExample ranking dataset for DaMiRseq package
dfExample gene-expression dataset for DaMiRseq package
SEExample gene-expression dataset for DaMiRseq package
selected_featuresExample gene-expression dataset for DaMiRseq package
SEtest_normA sample dataset with a normalized count matrix for...
svExample Surrogate Variables dataset for DaMiRseq package
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