Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/EnrichmentBrowser
Seamless navigation through combined results of set-based and network-based enrichment analysis

comb.ea.resultsCombining enrichment analysis results
compile.grn.from.keggCompilation of a gene regulatory network from KEGG pathways
config.ebrowserConfiguring the EnrichmentBrowser
de.anaDifferential expression analysis between two sample groups
download.kegg.pathwaysDownload of KEGG pathways for a particular organism
ea.browseExploration of enrichment analysis results
ebrowserSeamless navigation through enrichment analysis results
get.go.genesetsDefinition of gene sets according to the Gene Ontology (GO)
get.kegg.genesetsDefinition of gene sets according to KEGG pathways for a...
ggea.graphGGEA graphs of consistency between regulation and expression
make.example.dataExample data for the EnrichmentBrowser package
map.idsMapping between gene ID types for feature names of an...
nbeaNetwork-based enrichment analysis (NBEA)
normalizeNormalization of microarray and RNA-seq expression data
plotsVisualization of gene expression
probe.2.gene.esetTransformation of probe level expression to gene level...
read.esetReading gene expression data from file into an expression set
sbeaSet-based enrichment analysis (SBEA)
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