Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/EventPointer
An effective identification of alternative splicing events using junction arrays and RNA-Seq data

AllEvents_RNASeqAlternative splicing events detected by EventPointer
ArraysDataPreprocessed arrays data
CDFfromGTFCDF file creation for EventPointer
EventDetectionDetect splicing events using EventPointer methodology
EventPointer_IGVEventPointer IGV Visualization
EventPointer_RNASeqStatistical analysis of alternative splcing events for RNASeq...
EventPointer_RNASeq_IGVEventPointer RNASeq IGV Visualization
InternalFunctionsEventPointer Internal Functions
PrepareBam_EPBam files preparation for EventPointer
SG_RNASeqSplicing graph elements predicted from BAM files
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