Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/FGNet
Functional Gene Networks derived from biological enrichment analyses

analyzeNetworkAnalyze Functional Network
clustersDistancePlots distances between metagroups.
dataFGNet data
fea2incidMatTransforms FEA output into incidence matrices.
fea_davidFEA - DAVID
fea_gageFEA - GAGE
fea_gtLinkerFEA - Gene-Term Linker
fea_topGOFEA - topGO
FGNet_GUIFGNet graphical user interface
FGNet-packageFunctional gene networks derived from biological enrichment...
FGNet_reportFGNet report
format_davidFormat DAVID output
format_resultsFormat FEA results from external tools.
functionalNetworkCreates and plots the functional gene network.
getTermsGet terms in the metagroups/clusters.
keywordsTermSelect keyword term
plotGoAncestorsPlot GO term ancestors
plotKeggPlot KEGG pathway
readGeneTermSetsRead gene-term sets
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