Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/Genominator
Analyze, manage and store genomic data

addPrimingWeightsAdding priming weights to an AlignedRead object.
aggregateExpDataCollapse data into unique entries
applyMappedApply a function over mapped data.
collapseExpDataCombine multiple data sets
computeCoverageCompute effort-coverage values
computePrimingWeightsCompute weights to correct for random hexamer priming.
ExpDataClass "ExpData"
GenominatorData backend for Genomic data
getRegionSelect a region from an ExpData object.
importFromAlignedReadsImport aligned reads to database
importToExpDataImport data to database
joinExpDataMerge ExpData objects
makeGeneRepresentationCompute a gene representation from annotation.
mergeWithAnnotationCombine data with annotation
plot.genominator.coverageCreate coverage plot
plot.genominator.goodness.of.fitCreate goodness-of-fit quantile-quantile plot
regionGoodnessOfFit-methodsCalculate goodness-of-fit statistics
splitByAnnotationSplit data into a list by annotation element.
summarizeByAnnotationSummarize data based on genome annotation.
summarizeExpDataSummarize a data column
validAnnotationCheck for validity of a annotation object.
yeastAnnoExample datasets from Genominator
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