Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/IMAS
Integrative analysis of Multi-omics data for Alternative Splicing

ASvisualizationVisualize the results of the ASdb object.
Clinical.dataA data frame for clinical data
ClinicAnalysisAnalysis for differential clinical outcomes across PSI values
CompGroupAltIdentify alternatively spliced exons with a differential PSIs...
ExonsClusterConstruct representative Exons
GroupSamGroup of each sample.
IMAS-package'IMAS': Integrative analysis of Multi-omics data for...
MEsQTLFinderIdentify methylation loci that are significantly associated...
RatioFromReadsCalculate expression ratio (PSI) from bamfiles
samplebamfilesA data frame for example expression bam files.
sampleMedataMethylation level data
sampleMelocusGenomic locus of methylations
samplesnpGenotype data
samplesnplocusGenomic locus of SNPs
SplicingReadsCount a junction and paired-end reads
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