Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/LEA
LEA: an R package for Landscape and Ecological Association Studies

adjusted_pvaluesadjusted p-values from a lfmm run
ancestrymap'ancestrymap' format description
ancestrymap2genoConvert from 'ancestrymap' to 'geno' format
ancestrymap2lfmmConvert from 'ancestrymap' to 'lfmm' format
crossEntropyCross-entropy criterion from snmf runs
envEnvironmental input file format for 'lfmm'
GAncestral allele frequencies from a snmf run
genoInput file for 'snmf'
geno2lfmmConvert from 'geno' to 'lfmm' format
lfmmInput file for 'lfmm'
lfmm2genoConvert from 'lfmm' to 'geno' format
main_createDataSetcreate a data set with masked data
main_crossEntropyEstimationcompute the cross-entropy criterion
main_LFMMFitting Latent Factor Mixed Models
main_pcaPrincipal Component Analysis
main_sNMFEstimates individual ancestry coefficients and ancestral...
main_tracyWidomTracy-Widom test for eigenvalues
mlog10pvalues-log10(p-values) from a lfmm run
ped'ped' format description
ped2genoConvert from 'ped' to 'geno' format
ped2lfmmConvert from 'ped' to 'lfmm' format
pvaluesp-values from a lfmm run
QAdmixture coefficients from a snmf run
readEnvRead environmental file in the 'env'format
readGenoread a file in the 'geno' format
readLfmmRead files in the 'lfmm' format
readZscoreRead the output files of 'lfmm'
Replop-packageLEA: an R package for Landscape and Ecological Associations...
tutorialExample tutorial data sets
vcf'vcf' format description
vcf2genoConvert from 'vcf' to 'geno' format
vcf2lfmmConvert from 'vcf' to 'lfmm' format
writeEnvWrite files in the 'env' format
writeGenoWrite files in the 'geno' format
writeLFMMWrite files in the 'lfmm' format
zscoreOutput file format for 'lfmm'
zscoresz-scores from a lfmm run
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