Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/MIGSA
Massive and Integrative Gene Set Analysis

bcMigsaResA MIGSA results object obtained from breast cancer data
ExprData-classExprData S4 class implementation in R
FitOptions-classFitOptions S4 class implementation in R
Genesets-as.GenesetsCreates a GeneSetCollection from a list
Genesets-enrichrList and download gene sets from enrichr database
Genesets-geneSetsFromFileCreates a GeneSetCollection object from a file
Genesets-loadGoCreates a GeneSetCollection object using the Gene Ontology...
GSEAparams-classGSEAparams S4 class implementation in R
IGSAinput-classIGSAinput S4 class implementation in R
IGSAinput-getDEGenesCalculate differentialy expressed genes of an IGSAinput...
IGSAinput-getterSettersAccessors for IGSAinput class
MIGSAMIGSA execution
MIGSAPackageMIGSA package
migsaResA MIGSA results object (MIGSAres) example
MIGSAres-classMIGSAres S4 class implementation in R
MIGSAres-commonMIGSAres exploratory functions
MIGSAres-genesManipulationGet or edit MIGSAres with/by genes that contributed to...
MIGSAres-getAdditionalInfoGets additional information about enrichment results
MIGSAres-GoAnalysisExplore Gene Ontology gene sets in MIGSAres
MIGSAres-plotsMIGSAres plots
MIGSAres-setEnrCutoffSet enrichment cutoff for a MIGSAres object
SEAparams-classSEAparams S4 class implementation in R
summaryFunctionsSummary functions for some MIGSA classes
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