Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/MetaboSignal
MetaboSignal: a network-based approach to overlay and explore metabolic and signaling KEGG pathways

directionality_reactionsList of KEGG reactions with incorrect/inconsistent...
hpaNormalTissueExpression profiles for proteins in human tissues
kegg_pathwaysExamples of metabolic and signaling human KEGG pathways
MetaboSignal_tableExample of MetaboSignal network-table
MS_changeNamesTransform KEGG IDs into common names
MS_convertGeneTransform Entrez IDs or gene symbols into KEGG IDs
MS_distancesCalculate gene-metabolite distance matrix
MS_exportCytoscapeExport network in cytoscape format
MS_findMappedNodesMap gene IDs or metabolite IDs onto the network
MS_getPathIdsGet pathway identifiers of a given organism
MS_keggFinderGet KEGG IDs for compounds, organisms or pathways
MS_keggNetworkBuild MetaboSignal network-table
MS_nodeBWGet distribution of node betweeness
MS_removeDrugsRemove edges containing drug nodes
MS_removeNodeRemove undesired nodes from the network
MS_replaceNodeReplace nodes of the network
MS_shortestPathsCalculate shortest paths
MS_shortestPathsNetworkBuild shortest-path subnetwork
MS_tissueFilterFilter network based on tissue expression data
MS_topologyFilterFilter network based on distances or betweenness
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