gene_exp: This ExpressionSet represents gene expression of lung cancer...

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Gene expression of lung cancer cell line one day after let-7a transfection and negative control. Each of them consists of two biological replicates.




gene_id in featureData is mainly, RefSeq mRNA, which is supplemented by GenBank ID if RefSeq mRNA is not available. The expressions are two biological replicates: one day after transfection of let-7a and two biological replicates one day after transfection of mock (negative control), respectively. Sample_name in phenoData represents these characteristic features of samples.


This comes from experiments described in Takahashi et al. (2009).


Takahashi, Y., Forrest, A.A.R., Maeno, E., Hashimoto, T., Daub, C.O., Yasuda, J.: MiR-107 and MiR-185 Can Induce Cell cycle Arrest in Human Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Cell Lines? PLoS One 4, e6677 (2009)

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