Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/MultiDataSet
Implementation of MultiDataSet, ResultSet and MethylationSet

add_esetMethod to add an 'eSet' to 'MultiDataSet'
add_genexpMethod to add an expression microarray dataset to...
add_methyMethod to add a slot of methylation to 'MultiDataSet'
add_rnaseq-methodsMethod to add an expression RNA seq dataset to 'MultiDataSet'
add_rseMethod to add a 'RangedSummarizedExperiment' to...
add_seMethod to add a 'SummarizedExperiment' to 'MultiDataSet'
add_snpsMethod to add a slot of SNPs to 'MultiDataSet'
add_tableMethod to add a 'matrix' to 'MultiDataSet'
chrNumToCharConvert chr numbers to chr strings
commonIdsGet the name of the ids common to all datasets in a...
commonSamplesMethod to select samples that are present in all datasets in...
getAssociation-methodsMethod to extrat feature result from a ResultSet
getMs-methodsTransforms beta values to M-values
lambdaClaytonLambda Calculation for a vector of P-Values
mae2mdsConvert a 'MultiAssayExperiment' to a 'MultiDataSet'
mds2maeConvert a 'MultiDataSet' to a 'MultiAssayExperiment'
MethylationSet-classMethylationSet instances
MultiDataSetMultiDataSet: Implementation of the BRGE's basic classes
MultiDataSet-classMultiDataSet instances
opt-methodsMethod to get the options sued to create the ResultSet
qq_plotFunction to draw a QQ Plot from a vector of numbers
ResultSet-classClass ResultSet
rowRangesElementsGet the name of the datasets that have rowRanges in a...
rsetExample 'ResultSet'
volcano_plotFunction to draw a Volcano Plot
w_iclusterplusApply iClusterPlus clustering method to a MultiDataSet object
w_mciaApply mcia integration method to a MultiDataSet object
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