Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/NADfinder
Call wide peaks for sequencing data

backgroundCorrectionCorrect ratios for background
butterFilterLow pass filter on ratios by butterworth filter
callPeakscall peaks for ratios of repeats
countByOverlapsCount overlapping genomic ranges
cumulativePercentagePlot the cumulative percentage tag allocation in sample
exportSignalsoutput signals to file
getCorrelationsget correlations for replicates
groupZscoresCalculate z-scores for each peak
log2ratiocalculate the log2 transformed ratios
log2secalculate the log2 transformed ratios for...
NADfinder-packageCall peaks for nucleolar-associated domains (NADs) sequencing...
peakdetDetect peak positions
plotSigplot signals with ideograms
single.countcounts data for single experiment of chromosome 18
smoothRatiosByChromosomesmooth the ratios by chromosome
tileCountPerform overlap queries between reads and genome by windows
trimPeaksTrim peaks
triplicates.countscounts data for triplicates of chromosome 18
zscoreOverBckZ-scores over the background
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