API for Bioconductor-mirror/OperaMate
An R package of Data Importing, Processing and Analysis for Opera High Content Screening System

Global functions
[, Man page
[,cellData,character,ANY-method Man page
[,expData,ANY,ANY-method Man page
addNatoSudoRep Source code
cellBoxplot Source code
cellData Man page Source code
cellData, Man page
cellData-class Man page
cellData-method Man page
cellHeatmap Source code
cellLoad Man page
cellLoad,cellData-method Man page
cellMean Man page
cellMean,cellData,cellData,character-method Man page
cellNorm Man page
cellNorm,cellData-method Man page
cellNumLoad Man page
cellNumLoad,cellData,cellData-method Man page
cellNumberReshape Source code
cellQC Man page
cellQC,cellData-method Man page
cellSig Man page
cellSig,cellData-method Man page
cellSigAnalysis Man page Source code
cellSigAnalysisPlot Man page Source code
cellSigPlot Man page Source code
cellViz Man page Source code
dataLoad Man page
dataLoad, Man page
dataLoad,expData-method Man page
demoData Man page
expData Man page Source code
expData, Man page
expData-class Man page
expData-method Man page
fitStable Source code
gDevice.new Source code
generateReport Man page Source code
loadAll Man page Source code
nameParser Man page Source code
onCellNum Man page
onLoad Source code
onUnload Source code
oneCell Man page
oneCellNum Man page
operaMate Man page Source code
parseFullTab Source code
parseMatrix Source code
parseTab Source code
parseTemplete Man page Source code
plateCorrelationPlot Source code
plateCorrelationTest Source code
plateQC Source code
platemap Man page
show,cellData-method Man page
show,expData-method Man page
showPlate Source code
sigByTTest Source code
sigDetect Source code
wellQC Source code
zFactorTest Source code
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