Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/PharmacoGx
Analysis of Large-Scale Pharmacogenomic Data

amccCalculate an Adaptive Matthews Correlation Coefficient
availablePSetsReturn a table of PharmacoSets available for download
CCLEsmallCancer Cell Line Encyclopedia (CCLE) Example PharmacoSet
cellInfocellInfo Generic
cellInfo-setcellInfo<- Generic
cellNamescellNames Generic
cellNames-setcellNames<- Generic
checkPSetStructureA function to verify the structure of a PharmacoSet
CMAPsmallConnectivity Map Example PharmacoSet
computeABCFits dose-response curves to data given by the user and...
computeAmaxFits dose-response curves to data given by the user and...
computeAUCComputes the AUC for a Drug Dose Viability Curve
computeICnComputes the ICn for any n in 0-100 for a Drug Dose Viability...
computeSlopeReturn Slope (normalized slope of the drug response curve)...
connectivityScoreFunction computing connectivity scores between two signatures
cosinePermComputes the cosine similarity and significance using...
dateCreateddateCreated Generic
dim-PharmacoSet-methodGet the dimensions of a PharmacoSet
downloadPertSigDownload Drug Perturbation Signatures
downloadPSetDownload a PharmacoSet object
drugDoseResponseCurvePlot drug response curve of a given drug and a given cell for...
drugInfodrugInfo Generic
drugInfo-setdrugInfo<- Generic
drugNamesdrugNames Generic
drugNames-setdrugNames<- Generic
drugPerturbationSigCreates a signature representing gene expression (or other...
drugSensitivitySigCreates a signature representing the association between gene...
featureInfofeatureInfo Generic
featureInfo-setfeatureInfo<- Generic
filterNoisyCurvesViability measurements in dose-reponse curves must remain...
fNamesfNames Generic
GDSCsmallGenomics of Drug Sensitivity in Cancer Example PharmacoSet
gwcCalculate the gwc score between two vectors, using either a...
HDAC_genesHDAC Gene Signature
intersectListUtility to find the intersection between a list of more than...
intersectPSetIntersects objects of the PharmacoSet class, subsetting them...
LogLogisticRegressionFits curves of the form E = E_inf + (1 - E_inf)/(1 +...
mccCompute a Mathews Correlation Coefficient
molecularProfilesmolecularProfiles Generic
molecularProfiles-setmolecularProfiles<- Generic
pertNumberpertNumber Generic
pertNumber-setpertNumber<- Generic
PharmacoSetPharmacoSet constructor
PharmacoSet-classA Class to Contain PharmacoGenomic datasets together with...
phenoInfophenoInfo Generic
phenoInfo-setphenoInfo<- Generic
pSetNamepSetName Generic
sensitivityInfosensitivityInfo Generic
sensitivityInfo-setsensitivityInfo<- Generic
sensitivityMeasuressensitivityMeasures Generic
sensitivityProfilessensitivityProfiles Generic
sensitivityProfiles-setsensitivityProfiles<- Generic
sensNumbersensNumber Generic
sensNumber-setsensNumber<- Generic
show-PharmacoSet-methodShow a PharamcoSet
show-PharmacoSig-methodShow PharmacoGx Signatures
showSigAnnotShow the Annotations of a signature object
subsetToA function to subset a PharmacoSet to data containing only...
summarizeMolecularProfilesTakes molecular data from a PharmacoSet, and summarises them...
summarizeSensitivityProfilesTakes the sensitivity data from a PharmacoSet, and summarises...
symSetDiffListUtility to find the symmetric set difference of a list of two...
unionListUtility to find the union between a list of more than two...
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