Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/Pigengene
Infers biological signatures from gene expression data

amlAML gene expression profile
balanceBalances the number of sampels
calculate.betaEstimates an appropriate power value
check.pigengene.inputQuality check on the imput
compact.treeReduces the number of genes in a decision tree
compute.pigengeneComputes the eigengenes
dcor.matrixComputes distance correlation for give matrix
draw.bnDraws a Bayesian network
eigengenes33Eigengenes of 33 modules
gene.mappingMaps gene IDs
get.fitted.leafReturs the leaf for each sample
get.genesList the (most relevant) genes for a decision tree.
get.used.featuresReturn the features used in a tree
learn.bnLearns a Bayesian network
make.decision.treeCreates a decision tree to classify samples using the...
mdsMDS gene expression profile
module.heatmapPlots heatmaps for modules
one.step.pigengeneRuns the entire Pigengene pipeline
pheatmap.typePlots heatmap with clustering only within types.
pigengeneAn object of class 'Pigengene'
pigengene-classThe pigengene class
Pigengene-packageInfers robust biological signatures from gene expression data
plot.pigengenePlots and saves a 'pigengene' object
preds.atPrediction using a possibly compacted tree
project.eigenInfers eigengenes for given expression data
pvalues.manovaComputes pvalues for multi-class differential expression identification
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