DAVIDdemo-annotationTable: DAVID's website functional annotation table example files

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These datasets correspond to the Functional Annotation Table report obtained in the Database for Annotation, Visualization and Integrated Discovery (DAVID) website, using as input file, the ones provided for demo purposes (demoList1 or demoList2) for GOTERM_BP_ALL, GOTERM_MF_ALL and GOTERM_CC_ALL categories. No statistical analysis is performed on these results.




annotationTable1/2 are data.frame for demoList1/2 input ids, respectively, with the following columns.


Three Columns with the same data included in Gene List Report (ID, Gene.Name and Species) but coding for DAVID ID, i. e., comma separated character with input ids if, two or more stands for the same gene.


As many columns as Annotation Categories were used. In each column, a comma separated style is use to delimitate the different terms where is evidence reported for DAVID ID record.


Cristobal Fresno and Elmer A Fernandez


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  3. DAVID Help page http://david.abcc.ncifcrf.gov/helps/functional_annotation.html#EXP2

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