API for Bioconductor-mirror/RSVSim
RSVSim: an R/Bioconductor package for the simulation of structural variations

Global functions
addBreakpointMutations Source code
adjustPositions Source code
compareSV Man page Source code
compareSV,character,character-method Man page
compareSV,character,data.frame-method Man page
compareSV,data.frame,data.frame-method Man page
drawPos Source code
drawPos_trans Source code
estimateSVSizes Man page
estimateSVSizes,numeric,missing,ANY,ANY,character-method Man page
estimateSVSizes,numeric,missing,ANY,ANY,missing-method Man page
estimateSVSizes,numeric,numeric,ANY,ANY,missing-method Man page
execDeletion Source code
execInsertion Source code
execInversion Source code
execTandemDuplication Source code
execTranslocation Source code
getBpSeq Source code
getDummyDataframe Source code
getHG19 Source code
getOverlap Source code
getSVSizes Source code
loadFromBSGenome_TandemRepeats Source code
loadFromUCSC_RepeatMasks Source code
loadFromUCSC_SegDups Source code
readRepeatMaskerOutput Source code
segDups Man page
simInsertionPositions Source code
simPositions Source code
simTranslocationPositions Source code
simulateSV Man page
simulateSV,ANY Man page
simulateSV,ANY-method Man page
subtractIntervals Source code
testSVSim Source code
validateInput Source code
weightsMechanisms Man page
weightsRepeats Man page
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