Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/RamiGO
AmiGO visualize R interface

adjM2gmlCreate GML file from readAmigoDot output.
AmigoDotAmigoDot constructor and accessors
AmigoDot-classClass "AmigoDot" the AmigoDot graph in Cytoscape through RCytoscape. an AmigoDot S4 object to a graphAM object. an AmigoDot S4 object to a graphNEL object.
c5.go.mappingMSigDB C5 GO term to GO ID mapping
exportCytoGMLWrites out an igraph graph to a Cytoscape readable GML file.
getAmigoTreeGetting the DAG GO tree for a set of GO ID's.
igraph-classClass '"igraph"'
RamiGO-packageAmiGO visualize R interface
readAmigoDotParser for the GraphViz DOT format.
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