Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/Rariant
Identification and Assessment of Single Nucleotide Variants through Shifts in Non-Consensus Base Call Frequencies

ci-adjustCI Adjust
ci-assessmentAssessment of CI methods
ci-utilsCI Utils
colorscalesRariant color scales
convert-utilsPosition converters
evidence-heatmapVariant Evidence Heatmap
mismatch-plotMismatch plot from BAM files
mismatch-utilsTally processing low-level functions
multi-utilsMulti call processing
plot-cisPlotting Functions
prop-cisConfidence Interval Functions
prop-testsTesting Functions
rariantRariant calling functions
Rariant-packageRariant package
shinyInteractive inspection
split-sampleSplit Sample for Binomial Data
tallyTally a genomic region
yesnomaybeDetermine Variant Evidence
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