Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/SeqArray
Big Data Management of Whole-genome Sequence Variant Calls

KG_P1_SampDataSimulated sample data for 1000 Genomes Phase 1
seqAlleleFreqGet Allele Frequencies or Counts
seqApplyApply Functions Over Array Margins
SeqArray-packageBig Data Management of Whole-Genome Sequence Variant Calls
seqAsVCFVariantAnnotation objects
seqBED2GDSConvert PLINK BED Format to SeqArray Format
seqBlockApplyApply Functions Over Array Margins via Blocking
seqCloseClose the SeqArray GDS File
seqDeleteDelete GDS Variables
seqDigestHash function digests
seqExampleFileNameExample files
seqExportExport to a GDS File
seqGDS2SNPConvert to a SNP GDS File
seqGDS2VCFConvert to a VCF File
seqGetDataGet Data
seqGetFilterGet the Filter of GDS File
seqMergeMerge Multiple SeqArray GDS Files
seqMissingMissing genotype percentage
seqNumAlleleNumber of alleles
seqOpenOpen a SeqArray GDS File
seqOptimizeOptimize the Storage of Data Array
seqParallelApply Functions in Parallel
seqParallelSetupSetup/Get a Parallel Environment
seqSetFilterSet a Filter to Sample or Variant
seqSetFilterCondSet a Filter to Variant with Allele Count/Freq
seqSNP2GDSConvert SNPRelate Format to SeqArray Format
seqStorageOptionStorage and Compression Options
seqSummarySummarize a SeqArray GDS File
seqSystemGet the parameters in the GDS system
seqTransposeTranspose Data Array
seqVCF2GDSReformat VCF Files
seqVCF_HeaderParse the Header of a VCF File
seqVCF_SampIDGet the Sample IDs
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