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This class is used to describe an AND or simultaneous condition on the types of several arguments of a function call. The entire test is satisfied if all the individual elements are satisfied. One can represent the test elements for the different parameters as either class names (i.e. character strings or NamedTypeTest-class and sub-classes), and also predicate expressions using DynamicTypeTest.

In addition to the types on the parameters, one can also specify a test for the return type if a call to the function matches this signature. This allows us to associate a specific return type with a specific set of input types.

Currently this class is only used to describe the elements in SimultaneousTypeSpecification-class objects.

Objects from the Class

Use the constructor function TypedSignature to create objects of this class.



This object extends list. But this slot is intended to be opaque and should not be used directly.


Object of class "ClassNameOrExpression". This represents the description of the return type of the function associated with this set of given input types.


Class "list", from data part. Class "vector", by class "list".



signature(def = "TypedSignature"):


signature(def = "TypedSignature"):


Duncan Temple Lang <[email protected]>

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