Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/VariantTools
Tools for Exploratory Analysis of Variant Calls

annnotateWithControlDepthAnnotate Case with Control Depth
callGenotypesCall Genotypes
callSampleSpecificVariantsCall Sample-Specific Variants
callVariantsCall Variants
callWildtypeCalling Wildtype
concordanceVariant Concordance
extractCoverageForPositionsGet Coverage at Positions
FilterConstructorsVariant Filter Constructors
matchVariantsMatch variants by position and allele
pileupVariantsNucleotide pileup from alignments
postFilterVariantsPost-filtering of Variants
qaVariantsQA Filtering of Variants
tallyVariantsTally the positions in a BAM file
variantGR2VcfCreate a VCF for some variants
vignetteVignette Data
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