API for Bioconductor-mirror/affyILM
Linear Model of background subtraction and the Langmuir isotherm

Global functions
ILM Man page
ILM-class Man page
[,ILM-method Man page
affyILM_scale Source code
computeConcs Source code
computeDG Source code
createAffyBatch Source code
dentifyChip Source code
getChipInfo Source code
getExprSummary Man page
getExprSummary,ILM,character-method Man page
getExprSummary,ILM,missing-method Man page
getExprSummary,ILM-method Man page
getExprSummary-methods Man page
getIntens Man page
getIntens,ILM,character-method Man page
getIntens,ILM,missing-method Man page
getIntens,ILM-method Man page
getIntens-methods Man page
getProbeConcs Man page
getProbeConcs,ILM,character-method Man page
getProbeConcs,ILM,missing-method Man page
getProbeConcs,ILM-method Man page
getProbeConcs-methods Man page
getPsetIndex Source code
getSDSummary Man page
getSDSummary,ILM,character-method Man page
getSDSummary,ILM,missing-method Man page
getSDSummary,ILM-method Man page
getSDSummary-methods Man page
ilm Man page Source code
listCbind Source code
lmNAreplace Source code
lmNAreplacePset Source code
plotILM Man page
plotILM,ILM,character-method Man page
plotILM,ILM,missing-method Man page
plotILM,ILM-method Man page
plotIntens Man page
plotIntens,ILM,character-method Man page
plotIntens,ILM,missing-method Man page
plotIntens,ILM-method Man page
sgrep Source code
show Man page
show,ILM-method Man page
summarizeAffy Source code
summarizeConcs Source code
summarizeMedpolish Source code
summarizeTrMedpolish Source code
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