Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/affyPara
Parallelized preprocessing methods for Affymetrix Oligonucleotide Arrays

bgcParaParallelized Background Correction
boxplotParaParallelized Box Plots for Microarray Data
class.vsnInputParaClass to contain input data and parameters for parallel vsn...
computeExprSetParaParallel generate a set of expression values
distributeFilesDistribute files to slaves
MAplotParaParallelized relative M vs. A plots for Microarray Data
mergeSplitObjectsMerge a list of split objects
normalizeAffyBatchConstantParaParallelized scaling normalization
normalizeAffyBatchInvariantsetParaParallelized Invariante Set normalization
normalizeAffyBatchLoessParaParallelized loess normalization
normalizeAffyBatchLoessParaIterParallelized partial loess normalization with permutation
normalizeAffyBatchQuantilesParaParallelized quantile normalization
preproParaParallelized preprocessing
qaParallel Quality Assessment Summary
readAffybatchParaParallelized Read-AffyBatch function
removeDistributedFilesRemove distributed files from slaves
rmaParaParallelized PMA preprocessing
snowReplaceStarting and Stopping SNOW Clusters
splitFunctions to split objects into parts
vsnParaParallel fir of the vsn model
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