Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/affycoretools
Functions useful for those doing repetitive analyses with Affymetrix GeneChips

affycoretoolsMake repetitive analyses of microarray and RNA-Seq data...
affycoretools-defunctDefunct functions in package 'affycoretools'
affystartPre-processing for Affymetrix Data
annotateEsetMethod to annotate ExpressionSets automatically
dataAndHeatmapPageA function to create an annotated HTML table for all genes in...
entrezLinksAdd links to data when using ReportingTools
fixHeaderAndGoFix data.frame header for use with ReportingTools
geneSetPageA function to create an HTML page for each gene set, as well...
getColsCorrect Ordering of Contrasts
getMainProbesRemove control probesets from ST arrays
gsHeatmapA function to create a simple heatmap and key.
intNamesCreate Names for Venn Diagram Intersections
make.clA Function to Make a Classlabel Vector for Plotting
makeGoGeneTableMake Gene table from GO analysis results
makeGoTableCreate HTML tables for Gene Ontology (GO) analyses
makeHmapA function to create a heatmap-like object or matrix of...
makeImagesAdd dotplot images
makeIndicesCreate Indices for Venn Diagrams
makeVennHigh-level function for making Venn diagrams and outputting...
maplotA Function to make MA plots from all arrays.
mirna2mrnaA function to map miRNA to mRNA.
outputRomerA function to create HTML output from the results of running...
pca.legendA Function to Automagically Place a Legend in a PCA Plot
plotDegFunctions to Plot Density and RNA Degradation Plots
plotPCAA Function to Make a PCA Plot from an ExpressionSet or matrix
runRomerA function to run the romer function on a set of contrasts.
tableFiltFilter a topTable object
venn4Way4-way Venn Diagrams
vennCounts2Compute Counts for Venn Diagram
vennPageHigh-level function for making Venn diagrams with clickable...
vennSelect2Select and Output Genelists Based on Venn Diagrams
writeFitFunction to output annotated fit data from limma
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