API for Bioconductor-mirror/basecallQC
Working with Illumina Basecalling and Demultiplexing input and output files

Global functions
BCL2FastQparams Man page Man page Source code
BCL2FastQparams-BCL2FastQparams Man page Man page
BCL2FastQparams-class Man page
baseCallMetrics Man page Source code
basecallQC Man page Man page Source code
basecallQC-basecallQC Man page
basecallQC-class Man page
configParams Source code
createBCLcommand Man page Source code
createBasemasks Man page Source code
demultiplexMetrics Man page Source code
demuxBarplot Man page
demuxBarplot,baseCallQC-method Man page
demuxBarplot,basecallQC-method Man page
demuxBarplot,list-method Man page
demuxBarplot.basecallQC Man page Source code
demuxBarplot.list Source code
demuxBoxplot Man page
demuxBoxplot,baseCallQC-method Man page
demuxBoxplot,basecallQC-method Man page
demuxBoxplot,list-method Man page
demuxBoxplot.basecallQC Man page Source code
demuxBoxplot.list Source code
indexlengths Man page
indexlengths,BCL2FastQparams-method Man page
indexlengths,BCL2FastQparams-method, Man page
indexlengths.bcl2fastqparams Man page Source code
interOpsReport Man page Source code
makeFQTable Man page Source code
passFilterBar Man page
passFilterBar,baseCallQC-method Man page
passFilterBar,basecallQC-method Man page
passFilterBar,list-method Man page
passFilterBar.basecallQC Man page Source code
passFilterBar.list Source code
passFilterBoxplot Man page
passFilterBoxplot,baseCallQC-method Man page
passFilterBoxplot,basecallQC-method Man page
passFilterBoxplot,list-method Man page
passFilterBoxplot.basecallQC Man page Source code
passFilterBoxplot.list Source code
passFilterTilePlot Man page
passFilterTilePlot,baseCallQC-method Man page
passFilterTilePlot,basecallQC-method Man page
passFilterTilePlot,list-method Man page
passFilterTilePlot.basecallQC Man page Source code
passFilterTilePlot.list Source code
processConvStats Source code
processDemultiplex Source code
qcShortRead Source code
readBCLStatFile Source code
readBCLStatFiles Source code
readCorrectedIntMetrics Source code
readErrorMetrics Source code
readExtractionMetrics Source code
readImageMetrics Source code
readIndexMetrics Source code
readInterOpsMetrics Source code
readPattern Source code Source code
readPhasingMetrics Source code
readQMetrics Source code
readTileMetrics Source code
readlengths Man page
readlengths,BCL2FastQparams-method Man page
readlengths,BCL2FastQparams-method, Man page
readlengths.bcl2fastqparams Man page Source code
reportBCL Man page
reportBCL,baseCallQC-method Man page
reportBCL,basecallQC-method Man page
reportBCL.basecallQC Man page Source code
runParameters Source code
runParams Source code
summariseConvStats Source code
summariseDemuxStats Source code
summaryConvStatsTable Man page
summaryConvStatsTable,baseCallQC-method Man page
summaryConvStatsTable,basecallQC-method Man page
summaryConvStatsTable,list-method Man page
summaryConvStatsTable.basecallQC Man page Source code
summaryConvStatsTable.list Source code
summaryDemuxTable Man page
summaryDemuxTable,baseCallQC-method Man page
summaryDemuxTable,basecallQC-method Man page
summaryDemuxTable,list-method Man page
summaryDemuxTable.basecallQC Man page Source code
summaryDemuxTable.list Source code
validateBCLSheet Man page Source code
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