Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/bioCancer
Interactive Multi-Omics Cancers Data Visualization and Analysis

attriColorGeneAttribute Color to Gene
attriColorValueAttribute Color to Value
attriColorVectorAttribute color to a vector of numeric values
attriShape2GeneAttribute shape to nodes
attriShape2NodeAttributes shape to Nodes
bioCancerLaunch bioCancer with default browser
checkDimensionsChech wich Cases and genetic profiles are available for every...
coffeewheelThis is an htmlwidgets-based visualization tool for...
coffeewheelOutputWidget output function for use in Shiny
displayTableDisplay dataframe in table using DT package
Edges_Diseases_objget Edges dataframe for Gene/Disease association from...
getFreqMutDataget mutation frequency
getGenesClassificationget genes classification
getList_Casesget list of cases of each selected study in Classifier panel
getList_GenProfsget list of genetic profiles of each selected study in...
getListProfDataget list of data frame with profiles data (CNA,mRNA,...
getMegaProfDatasearch and get genetic profiles (CNA,mRNA, Methylation,...
grepRefsearch and get genetic profiles (CNA,mRNA, Methylation,...
metabologramCircular plot of hierarchital data of genetic profile.
Mutation_objAtribute mutation frequency to nodes
Node_df_FreqInAttributes size to Nodes depending on number of interaction
Node_Diseases_objAttributes color and shape to Nodes of Diseases
Node_obj_CNA_ProfDataAttribute CNA data to node border
Node_obj_FreqInAttribute interaction frequency to node size
Node_obj_Met_ProfDataAttribute gene Methylation to Nodes
Node_obj_mRNA_ClassifierAtrribute genes expression to color nodes
renderCoffeewheelWidget render function for use in Shiny
reStrColorGeneRestructure the list of color attributed to the genes in...
reStrDimensionRestructure the list of color attributed to the genes in...
reStrDiseaseRestructure the list of color attributed to the genes in...
sampleWheelDataSample data for wheel initialization
Studies_objget object for grViz. Link Studies to genes
UnifyRowNamesUnify row names in data frame with the same order of gene...
whichGeneListVerify which gene list is selected
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