Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/biobroom
Turn Bioconductor objects into tidy data frames

biobroomConvert Bioconductor Object into Tidy Data Frames
DESeq2_tidiersTidying methods for DESeq2 DESeqDataSet objects
edgeR_tidiersTidiers for edgeR's differential expression objects
edge_tidiersTidying methods for edge's deSet object
ExpressionSet_tidiersTidying methods for Biobase's ExpressionSet objects
GRanges_tidiersTidying methods for GRanges and GRangesList objects.
hammerExpressionSet results from Hammer et al 2010
limma_tidiersTidiers for the output of limma (linear models for microarray...
list_tidiersTidiers for return values from functions that aren't S3...
MSnSet_tidiersTidying methods for Biobase's ExpressionSet objects
qvalue_tidiersTidying methods for a qvalue object
SummarizedExperiment_tidiersTidying methods for Biobase's SummarizedExperiment objects
sva_tidiersTidying methods for a sva list
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