genReposControlFiles: Generate CRAN-style repository control files

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This function generates control files for CRAN-style repositories. For each path specified in contribPaths a PACKAGES file is written. In addition, two top-level control files are created:

REPOSITORY contains information about the specified contrib paths.

VIEWS contains metadata for all packages in the repository including the paths to any extracted vignettes, if found. This file is useful for generating HTML views of the repository.


genReposControlFiles(reposRoot, contribPaths)



character vector containing the path to the CRAN-style repository root directory.


A named character vector. Valid names are source, win.binary, mac.binary, mac.binary.mavericks, and mac.binary.el-capitan. Values indicate the paths to the package archives relative to the reposRoot.


Seth Falcon

See Also

write_PACKAGES, extractVignettes, write_REPOSITORY, write_VIEWS

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