Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/biovizBase
Basic graphic utilities for visualization of genomic data.

addStepping-methodAdding disjoint levels to a GenomicRanges object
aes-utilsUtils for parsing (un)evaluated arguments
biovizBase-packagebiovizBase is a package which provides utilities and color...
colorBlindSafePalColor blind safe palette generator
containLettersChecking if string contains letters or not
crunch-methodFetching GRanges from various data source
darned_hg19_subset500Subset of RNA editing sites in hg19...
estimateCoverage-methodEstimation of Coverage
flatGrlTransform GRangesList to GRanges
GCcontentGC content computation for BSgenome
genesymbolGene symbols with position...
getBioColorColor scheme getter for biological data
getFormalNamesGet formals from functions
getGapsget gaps for a stepping transformed GRanges object
getIdeoGRGet ideogram information
getIdeogramGet ideogram.
getScaleGet scale information from a GRanges
hg19IdeogramHg19 ideogram without cytoband information...
hg19IdeogramCytoHg19 ideogram with cytoband information...
ideoideogram without cytoband information
ideoCytoideogram with cytoband information
isIdeogramIdeogram checking
isMatchedWithModelUtils for Splicing Summary
isSimpleIdeogramSimple ideogram checking
labsparse x and y label information from a specific object
maxGap-methodEstimated max gaps
mold-methodmold data into data.frame
pileupAsGRangesSummarize reads for certain region
pileupGRangesAsVariantTableMismatch summary
plotColorLegendShow colors
scaleget x scale breaks and labels
showColorShow colors
shrinkageFun-methodShrinkage function
splitByFacets-methodsplit a GRanges by formula
strip_formula_dotsstrip dots around a formula variables
subsetArgsByFormalsSubset list of arguments by functions
transformTransform GRanges to different coordinates and layout
transformGRangesForEvenSpaceTransform GRanges with New Coordinates
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