Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/clstutils
Tools for performing taxonomic assignment.

classifyPlacementsTaxonomic classification by phylogenetic placement.
clstutils-packageSequence based classification and selection of reference...
findOutliersIdentify outlier objects given a square distance matrix.
hide/placeDataRead output file produced by 'pplacer'
maxDistsSelect a maximally diverse set of items given a distance...
prettyTreeDraw an annotated phylogenetic tree.
refpkgContentsRead the contents of a collection of reference sequences...
seqdatAnnotation for the Enterococcus sequence data set.
seqsEnterococcus sequence data set.
taxonomyFromRefpkgExtract taxonomic information from a refpkg.
treeDistsProvide objects for determining distances among nodes of a...
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