R package: clusterExperiment

Functions for running and comparing many different clusterings of single-cell sequencing data.

Installation from bioconductor

We recommend installation of the package via bioconductor.


To install the most recent version on the development branch of bioconductor, follow the above instructions, with the development version of bioconductor (see for instructions here ).

Installation of Github version:

While we generally try to keep the bioconductor devel version up-to-date with the master branch of the git repository, there is at times a lag between the two. You can install the github version via


Development branch:

The develop branch is our development branch where we are actively updating features, and may contain bugs. You should not use the develop branch unless it passes TravisCI checks and you want to be using a very beta version.


Below are the status checks. Note that occassionally errors do not appear here immediately. Clicking on the link will give you the most up-to-date status.

| Resource: | Travis CI | | ------------- | ------------ | | R CMD check master | Build Status| | ------------- | ------------ | | R CMD check develop | Build Status | | Test coverage | Coverage Status |

Issues and bug reports

Please use to submit issues, bug reports, and comments.

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