Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/cn.farms
cn.FARMS - factor analysis for copy number estimation

callSummarizeDefines which variables should be written back when calling a...
cnLibraryThis function was taken from snowfall and edited due to some...
combineDataCombine two ExpressionSet objects
createAnnotationCreation of annotation files
createMatrixCreates the needed matrix
distributionDistanceComputes the distribution distance
dnaCopySfRuns DNAcopy in parallel mode
doCnFarmsSingleDoes the whole cn.farms process in one call
flcSnp6StdDoes a fragment length correction on intensities
flcStdDoes a fragment length correction on intensities
fragLengCorrDoes a fragment length correction
getFragmentSetFinds SNPs which belong to one fragment
getSingleProbeSetSizeCombines data for probeset summarization
mlSummarizationMethod for computation of the multi-loci summarization
normAddExtracts info from the package name
normalizeAverageScales the range of the non-polymorphic data to the range of...
normalizeCelsWrapper for the normalization functions
normalizeNoneRuns the SOR normalization on microarray data
normalizeNpDataProcesses the non-polymorphic data
normalizeQuantilesNormalization Quantiles
normalizeSequenceEffectCorrection for probe sequence effects
normalizeSorRuns the SOR normalization on microarray data
plotDendrogramPlots a dendrogram
plotDensityFunction to create a density plot
plotEvalIcCreates a plot with known regions and a numeric vector
plotRegionsPlots given regions by segments
plotSmoothScatterCreates a smooth scatter plot
plotViolinesCreate a violine plot
slSummarizationMethod for computation of the single-locus summarization
sparseFarmsCNormalizes the data with SOR
summarizeFarmsExactSummarization Laplacian approach with exact computation
summarizeFarmsExact2Summarization Laplacian approach with exact computation
summarizeFarmsExact3Summarization Laplacian approach with exact computation
summarizeFarmsGaussianSummarization Gaussian approach
summarizeFarmsMethodsLists methods for possible FARMS summarization
summarizeFarmsStatisticsMean or median instead of the FARMS model
summarizeFarmsVariationalSummarization variational Laplacian approach
summarizeWindowBpsCombines neighbouring locations to windows
summarizeWindowMethodsLists methods for possible window methods
summarizeWindowStdCombines neighbouring locations to windows
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