Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/cogena
co-expressed gene-set enrichment analysis

AllGeneSymbolsAll the gene symbols
clEnrichGene set enrichment for clusters
clEnrich_oneGene set enrichment for clusters (for one clustering method...
clusterMethodsBasic methods for a genecl object.
coExpco-expressed gene-set enrichment analysis
cogena_classAn S4 class to represent co-expressed gene-set enrichment...
cogena_packageCo-expressed gene set enrichment analysis
corInClusterCorrelation in the cluster of a cogena object
DEexprsgene expression of DEG
enrichmentget the enrichment table from a cogena object.
gene2setgenerate relationship between genes and gene-sets
genecl_classAn S4 class to represent co-expressed gene
geneclustersgeneclusters: get the cluster information of a certain...
geneExpInClusterGet gene names in each clusters and the expression profiling.
geneInClusterGet gene names in a certain cluster.
gmt2listread gmt file as a list
gmtlist2filewrite gmt list into gmt file
heatmap.3heatmap.3 An improved heatmap plotting
heatmapClusterheatmap of gene expression profilings with cluster...
heatmapCmapheatmap designed for for CMap gene set only
heatmapPEIheatmap of the gene set enrichment from a cogena object.
matmat: get the original data from a genecl object.
nClustersnClusters: get the number of clusters from a genecl object.
pClustersparalleled clustering
PEISignificance of Gene sets enrichment.
PsoriasisPsoriasis dataset.
sampleLabellabel of samples
showshow: show the class of cogena or genecl object
sotaSelf-organizing tree algorithm (SOTA)
summarysummary: a summary of a genecl object.
upDownGeneShow up or down-regualted genes for a clustering method and...
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