Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/coseq
Co-Expression Analysis of Sequencing Data

clusterEntropyCalculation of per-cluster entropy
clusterInertiaCalculation of within-cluster inertia
compareARIPairwise comparisons of ARI values among a set of clustering...
compareICLCompare corrected ICL values after data transformation
convertLegacyCoseqConvert legacy coseq objects
coseqCo-expression or co-abudance analysis of high-throughput...
coseqHelpersAccessors for the assigned cluster labels of a coseqResults...
coseq-packageCo-expression and co-abundance analysis of high-throughput...
coseqResultscoseqResults object and constructor
coseqRunCo-expression analysis
fietzRNA-seq data from the mouse neocortex in Fietz et al. (2012)
kmeansProbaPostCalculate conditional probabilities of cluster membership for...
logclrCalculate the Log Centered Log Ratio (logCLR) transformation
matchContTablePermute columns of a contingency table
NormMixClusNormal mixture model estimation and selection for a series of...
NormMixClusKNormal mixture model estimation
NormMixParamCalculate the mean and covariance for a Normal mixture model
plotVisualize results from coseq clustering
summarySummarize results from coseq clustering
transformRNAseqTransform RNA-seq data using common transformations
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