Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/dagLogo

buildBackgroundModelbuild background model
colorsetsretrieve color setting for logo
dagBackgroundClass '"dagBackground"'
dagHeatmapplot heatmap for test results
dagLogoplot sequence logo for test results
dagLogo-packageVisualize significant conserved amino acid sequence pattern...
dagPeptidesClass '"dagPeptides"'
ecoli.proteomethe subset proteome of Escherichia coli
fetchSequencefetch sequence by id
formatSequenceprepare an object of dagPeptides from sequences
nameHashconvert group name to a single character
prepareProteomeprepare proteome for background building
ProteomeClass '"Proteome"'
proteome.examplethe subset proteome of fruit fly
seq.exampleexample object of dagPeptides
testDAUDAU test
testDAUresultsClass '"testDAUresults"'
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