Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/destiny
Creates diffusion maps

coercionsCoercion methods
colorlegendColor legend
cube_helixSequential color palette using the cube helix system
destinyCreate and plot diffusion maps
destiny-deprecatedCompatibility versions of functions for destiny 1.x scripts
destiny-genericsdestiny generics
DiffusionMap-accessorsDiffusionMap accession methods
DiffusionMap-classCreate a diffusion map of cells
DiffusionMap-methodsDiffusionMap methods
dm_predictPredict new data points using an existing DiffusionMap. The...
DPTDiffusion Pseudo Time
DPT-matrix-methodsDPT Matrix methods
DPT-methodsDPT methods
eig_decompFast eigen decomposition using ARPACK
ExpressionSet-helpersConvert object to ExpressionSet or read it from a file
extractionsExtraction methods
find_dm_kFind a suitable k
find_sigmasCalculate the average dimensionality for m different gaussian...
find_tipsFind tips in a DiffusionMap object
Gene-RelevanceGene relevances for entire data set
Gene-Relevance-methodsGene Relevance methods
Gene-Relevance-plottingPlot gene relevance or gradient map
guoGuo at al. mouse embryonic stem cell qPCR data
l_whichLogical which
plot.DiffusionMap3D or 2D plot of diffusion map
plot.DPTPlot DPT
plot.SigmasPlot Sigmas object
projection_distProjection distance
random_rootFind a random root cell index
Sigmas-classSigmas Object
updateObject-methodUpdate old DiffusionMaps or Sigmas to a newer version
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