class.DKSGeneSet: Class to contain gene signatures.

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This class contains a vector of genes, and a corresponding factor of classes that indicates to which signature each gene belongs. The function dksSelectGenes extracts gene signatures of a specified size from an object of class DKSGeneScores.

calculates a score for each possible class (as determined by the DKSGeneSet passed to it) for each sample in the test set passed to the function. It then determines which class each sample most likely belongs to based on which of those scores is the largest. All this information is useful after the analysis, and so it is retained in the return object of class DKSPredicted.



A vector of gene identifiers. Order is not important.


A factor specifying which class (signatuer) each gene belongs to.


Eric J. Kort

See Also

DKSGeneScores-class, DKSClassifier-class, dksSelectGenes.

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