Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/dupRadar
Assessment of duplication rates in RNA-Seq datasets

analyzeDupratesRead in a BAM file and count the tags falling on the features...
bamutilMarkDuplicatesMark duplicates using bamutil
cumulativeDuprateBarplotBarplot showing the cumulative read counts fraction
dmDuplication matrix of a good RNASeq experiment
dm.badDuplication matrix of a failed RNASeq experiment
dupRadar_examplesExample data containing precomputed matrices for two RNASeq...
duprateExpBoxplotDuplication rate ~ total reads per kilobase (RPK) boxplot
duprateExpDensPlotDuplication rate ~ total read count plot
duprateExpFitDuplication rate ~ total read count fit model
duprateExpIdentifyIdentify genes plotted by 'duprateExpPlot'
duprateExpPlotDuplication rate ~ total read count plot
expressionHistDraw histogram with the expression values
getBinDuplicationHelper function used in 'duprateExpBoxplot'
getBinRpkMeanHelper function used in 'duprateExpBoxplot'
getDupMatBinHelper function used in 'getBinDuplication' and...
getDupMatStatsReport duplication stats on regions
getDynamicRangeDynamic range
getRpkBinReadCountFractionHelper function used in 'readcountExpressionBoxplot'
getRpkCumulativeReadCountFractionHelper function used in 'readcountExpressionBoxplot'
markDuplicatesProgram dispatchers to mark duplicated reads from a BAM file
picardMarkDuplicatesMark duplicates using Picard tools
readcountExpBoxplotBarplot of percentage of reads falling into expression bins
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