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Extraction of Differential Gene Expression

apply_jackstrawNon-Parametric Jackstraw for Principal Component Analysis...
apply_qvalueEstimate the q-values for a given set of p-values
apply_snmSupervised normalization of data in edge
apply_svaEstimate surrogate variables
betaCoefRegression coefficients from full model fit
build_modelsGenerate a deSet object with full and null models
build_studyFormulates the experimental models
deFit-classThe differential expression class for the model fits
deSetCreate a deSet object from an ExpressionSet
deSet-classThe differential expression class (deSet)
edgeExtraction of Differential Gene Expression
endotoxinGene expression dataset from Calvano et al. (2005) Nature
fitFullFitted data from the full model
fit_modelsLinear regression of the null and full models
fitNullFitted data from the null model
fullMatrixMatrix representation of full model
fullModelFull model equation
gibsonGene expression dataset from Idaghdour et al. (2008)
individualIndividuals sampled in experiment
kidneyGene expression dataset from Rodwell et al. (2004)
kl_clustModular optimal discovery procedure (mODP)
lrtPerforms F-test (likelihood ratio test using Normal...
nullMatrixMatrix representation of null model
nullModelNull model equation from deSet object
odpThe optimal discovery procedure
qvalueObjAccess/set qvalue slot
resFullResiduals of full model fit
resNullResiduals of null model fit
showShow function for deFit and deSet
sTypeStatistic type used in analysis
summarySummary of deFit and deSet
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