Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/eisa
Expression data analysis via the Iterative Signature Algorithm

ALLModulesISA transcription modules for the ALL data
cond.plotPlot sample scores of a transcription module
eisa.biclustConvert ISA modules to a Biclust object, or the opposite
enrichmentEnrichment analysis for transcription modules, based on...
exp.plotExpression matrix plots for ISA modules
gographPlot part of the Gene Ontology hierarchy
ISAIterative Signature Algorithm on Gene Expression data
ISA2heatmapHeatmap of a transcription module
ISA.CHRCalculate chromosome enrichment for transcription modules
ISAExpressionSetExpression Set, normalized for using with ISA
ISA.GOCalculate Gene Ontology enrichment for transcription modules
ISA.htmlCreate HTML summary pages from the result of modular analysis
ISA.iteratePerform the Iterative Signature Algorithm
ISA.KEGGCalculate KEGG Pathway enrichment for transcription modules
ISA.miRNACalculate (predicted) miRNA target enrichment for...
ISAModules-classA set of ISA modules
ISA.normalizeNormalize expression data for the Iterative Signature...
ISA.sweepCreate an ISA module tree
ISA.uniqueRemove duplicated ISA modules
ListHyperGParams-classClasses for quick GO/KEGG/CHR/miRNA target or other...
ListHyperGResult-classClasses for quick GO/KEGG/CHR/miRNA target or other...
mnplotPlot group means against each other, for an ISA module
overlapOverlap of ISA biclusters
profilePlotProfile plots for ISA biclusters
robustnessRobustness of ISA biclusters
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