API for Bioconductor-mirror/flowWorkspace
Infrastructure for representing and interacting with the gated cytometry

Global functions
GatingHierarchy-class Man page
GatingSet Man page
GatingSet,GatingHierarchy,character-method Man page
GatingSet,character,character-method Man page
GatingSet,flowSet,ANY-method Man page
GatingSet-class Man page
GatingSetList Man page Man page Source code
GatingSetList-class Man page
LdFlags Source code
Rm Man page
Rm,character,GatingHierarchy,character-method Man page
Rm,character,GatingSet,character-method Man page
Rm,character,GatingSetList,character-method Man page
[,GatingSet,ANY-method Man page
[,GatingSetList,ANY-method Man page Man page
[[,GatingSet,character-method Man page
[[,GatingSet,logical-method Man page
[[,GatingSet,numeric-method Man page
add Man page
add,GatingHierarchy,filter-method Man page
add,GatingHierarchy,filters-method Man page
add,GatingHierarchy,quadGate-method Man page
add,GatingSet,filter-method Man page
add,GatingSet,filterList-method Man page
add,GatingSet,filters-method Man page
add,GatingSet,filtersList-method Man page
add,GatingSet,list-method Man page
add,GatingSetList,filter-method Man page
add,GatingSetList,filterList-method Man page
add,GatingSetList,filters-method Man page
add,GatingSetList,filtersList-method Man page
add,GatingSetList,list-method Man page
addGate Source code
addGatingHierarchies Source code
addTrans Source code
asinh_Gml2 Man page Source code
asinhtGml2_trans Man page Source code
booleanFilter Man page Source code
booleanFilter-class Man page
char2booleanFilter Man page Source code
checkRedundantNodes Man page Source code
clone Man page
clone,GatingSet-method Man page
clone-methods Man page
closeWorkspace Man page
closeWorkspace,flowJoWorkspace-method Man page
colnames,GatingHierarchy-method Man page
colnames,GatingSet-method Man page
colnames<-,GatingHierarchy-method Man page
colnames<-,GatingSet-method Man page
compact Source code
compareFlowData Source code
compareGatingHierarchy Source code
compareGatingSet Source code
compensate,GatingSet,ANY-method Man page
compensate,GatingSetList,ANY-method Man page
compute.timestep Source code
computeCV Source code
computeCV_gh Source code
convertTrans Source code
cpp_CloneGatingSet Source code
cpp_NewGatingSet Source code
cpp_NewGatingSet_rootOnly Source code
cpp_addGate Source code
cpp_boolGating Source code
cpp_combineGatingSet Source code
cpp_computeGates Source code
cpp_gating Source code
cpp_getChildren Source code
cpp_getCompensation Source code
cpp_getGate Source code
cpp_getGateFlag Source code
cpp_getHiddenFlag Source code
cpp_getIndices Source code
cpp_getLogLevel Source code
cpp_getNegateFlag Source code
cpp_getNodeID Source code
cpp_getNodes Source code
cpp_getParent Source code
cpp_getPopStats Source code
cpp_getSamples Source code
cpp_getSingleCellExpression Source code
cpp_getSingleCellExpressionByGate Source code
cpp_getTransformations Source code
cpp_loadGatingSet Source code
cpp_parseWorkspace Source code
cpp_plotGh Source code
cpp_removeNode Source code
cpp_saveGatingSet Source code
cpp_setGate Source code
cpp_setIndices Source code
cpp_setLogLevel Source code
cpp_setNodeFlag Source code
cpp_setNodeName Source code
cpp_setSample Source code
cpp_togleErrorFlag Source code
dropRedundantChannels Man page Source code
dropRedundantNodes Man page Source code
estimateLogicle.GatingHierarchy Man page Source code
filterObject Man page
filterObject,booleanFilter-method Man page
filterObject,ellipsoidGate-method Man page
filterObject,polygonGate-method Man page
filterObject,rectangleGate-method Man page
fix_channel_slash Source code
fix_y_axis Source code
flowData Man page Man page
flowData,GatingSet-method Man page
flowData<- Man page
flowData<-,GatingSet-method Man page
flowJo.fasinh Man page Source code
flowJo.fsinh Man page Source code
flowJoTrans Man page Source code Source code
flowJoWorkspace-class Man page
flowJo_biexp_trans Man page Source code
flowJo_fasinh_trans Man page Source code
flowWorkspace Man page
flowWorkspace-package Man page
flowWorkspace.par.get Man page Source code
flowWorkspace.par.init Man page Source code
flowWorkspace.par.set Man page Source code
flow_breaks Man page Source code
flow_trans Man page Source code
formatAxis Source code
formulaParser Source code
fromGXL Source code
getAllDescendants Source code
getAxisLabels Source code
getChildren Man page
getChildren,GatingSet,character-method Man page
getCompensationMatrices Man page
getCompensationMatrices,GatingHierarchy-method Man page
getData Man page
getData,GatingHierarchy,character-method Man page
getData,GatingHierarchy,missing-method Man page
getData,GatingSet,character-method Man page
getData,GatingSet,missing-method Man page
getData,GatingSetList,ANY-method Man page
getFJWSubsetIndices Man page Source code
getFileNames Source code Source code
getGate Man page
getGate,GatingHierarchy,character-method Man page
getGate,GatingSet,character-method Man page
getGate,GatingSetList,character-method Man page
getGraph Source code
getIndiceMat Man page Source code Source code
getIndices Man page
getIndices,GatingHierarchy,character-method Man page
getIndices,GatingSet,name-method Man page
getKeyword Source code
getKeywords Man page
getKeywords,flowJoWorkspace,character-method Man page
getKeywords,flowJoWorkspace,numeric-method Man page
getKeywordsBySampleID Source code
getKeywordsBySampleName Source code
getLoglevel Man page Source code
getMergedStats Man page Source code
getNodeInd Source code
getNodes Man page
getNodes,GatingSet-method Man page
getNodes_removeHidden Source code
getOverlay Source code
getParent Man page
getParent,GatingSet,character-method Man page
getPopChnlMapping Source code
getPopCounts Source code
getPopStat Source code
getPopStats Man page
getPopStats,GatingHierarchy-method Man page
getPopStats,GatingSet-method Man page
getPopStats,GatingSetList-method Man page
getProp Man page
getProp,GatingHierarchy,character-method Man page
getRange Source code
getSampleGroups Man page Source code
getSampleGroups,flowJoWorkspace-method Man page
getSamples Man page Source code
getSamples,flowJoWorkspace-method Man page
getSingleCellExpression Man page Source code
getSingleCellExpression,GatingSet,character-method Man page
getSingleCellExpression,GatingSetList,character-method Man page
getSingleCellExpressionByGate Man page Source code
getSplineCoefs Source code
getTotal Man page
getTotal,GatingHierarchy,character-method Man page
getTransformations Man page Source code
getTransformations,GatingHierarchy-method Man page
getWorkspaceType Source code
graph_handler Source code
groupByChannels Man page Source code
groupByTree Man page Source code
insertGate Man page Source code
isNcdf Man page Source code
keyword Man page
keyword,GatingHierarchy,character-method Man page
keyword,GatingHierarchy,missing-method Man page
keyword,GatingSet,character-method Man page
keyword,GatingSet,missing-method Man page
keyword,GatingSetList,character-method Man page
keyword,GatingSetList,missing-method Man page
lapply,GatingSet-method Man page
layoutGraph Source code
length Man page
length,GatingSet-method Man page
load_gs Man page Man page Source code Source code
load_gslist Man page Man page Man page Source code
logicleGml2_trans Man page Source code
logicle_trans Man page Source code
markernames,GatingHierarchy-method Man page
markernames,GatingSet-method Man page
markernames<-,GatingHierarchy-method Man page
markernames<-,GatingSet-method Man page
matchCols Source code
merge-GatingSet Man page
mergeGates Source code
mkformula Man page Source code
moveNode Man page Source code Source code
ncFlowSet Man page
ncFlowSet,GatingSet-method Man page
ncFlowSet<- Man page
ncFlowSet<-,GatingSet-method Man page
openWorkspace Man page
openWorkspace,character-method Man page
pData Man page Man page Man page
pData,GatingHierarchy-method Man page
pData,GatingSet-method Man page
pData<- Man page
pData<-,GatingSet,data.frame-method Man page
pData<-,GatingSetList,data.frame-method Man page
parse.pData Source code
parseCond Source code
parseWorkspace Man page Source code
parseWorkspace,flowJoWorkspace-method Man page
plot Man page
plot,GatingSet,character-method Man page
plot,GatingSet,missing-method Man page
plotGate Man page Man page Source code
plotGate,GatingHierarchy,character-method Man page
plotGate,GatingHierarchy,missing-method Man page
plotGate,GatingHierarchy,numeric-method Man page Man page
plotGate,GatingSet,character-method Man page
plotGate,GatingSet,missing-method Man page
plotGate,GatingSet,numeric-method Man page
plotGate,GatingSetList,character-method Man page
plotGate-methods Man page
plotGate.gh Source code
plotGatingTree Source code
plotPopCV Man page
plotPopCV,GatingHierarchy-method Man page
plotPopCV,GatingSet-method Man page
postProcessSVG Source code
preplot Source code
preprocessMap Source code
preprocessor Source code
pretty10exp Source code
prettyAxis Man page Source code
rbind2,GatingSetList,missing-method Man page
recompute Man page Source code
recompute,GatingSet-method Man page
recompute,GatingSetList-method Man page
renameMarker Source code
renderNodes.svgAnno Source code
sBoolGate Source code
sCompensated Source code
sampleNames Man page Man page
sampleNames,GatingHierarchy-method Man page
sampleNames,GatingSet-method Man page
sampleNames<- Man page
sampleNames<-,GatingSet,ANY-method Man page
sampleNames<-,GatingSet-method Man page
save_gs Man page Source code Source code
save_gslist Man page Man page Source code
setGate Man page
setGate,GatingHierarchy,character,filter-method Man page
setGate,GatingSet,character,filterList-method Man page
setGate,GatingSet,character,list-method Man page
setLoglevel Man page Source code
setNode Man page
setNode,GatingHierarchy,character,character-method Man page
setNode,GatingHierarchy,character,logical-method Man page
setNode,GatingSet,character,ANY-method Man page
show,GatingHierarchy-method Man page
show,GatingSet-method Man page
show,booleanFilter-method Man page Man page
show,flowJoWorkspace-method Man page
standardize-GatingSet Man page
subset.GatingSet Man page Source code
transform,GatingSet-method Man page
transform,GatingSetList-method Man page
transformRange Source code
transformerList Man page Source code
trimWhiteSpace Source code
updateChannels Man page Source code Source code
uuid_gen Source code
validGatingSetListObject Source code
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