Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/gdsfmt
R Interface to CoreArray Genomic Data Structure (GDS) Files

addfile.gdsnAdd a GDS node with a file
addfolder.gdsnAdd a folder to the GDS node
add.gdsnAdd a new GDS node
append.gdsnAppend data to a specified variable
apply.gdsnApply functions over margins
assign.gdsnAssign/append data to a GDS node
cache.gdsnCaching variable data
cleanup.gdsClean up fragments
closefn.gdsClose a GDS file
clusterApply.gdsnApply functions over matrix margins in parallel
cnt.gdsnReturn the number of child nodes
compression.gdsnModify compression mode
copyto.gdsnCopy GDS nodes
createfn.gdsCreate a GDS file
delete.attr.gdsnDelete attribute(s)
delete.gdsnDelete a GDS node
diagnosis.gdsDiagnose the GDS file
digest.gdsncreate hash function digests
gds.classthe class of GDS file
gdsfmt-packageR Interface to CoreArray Genomic Data Structure (GDS) files
gdsn.classthe class of variable node in the GDS file
get.attr.gdsnGet attributes
getfile.gdsnOutput a file from a stream container
getfolder.gdsnGet the folder
index.gdsnGet the specified node
is.element.gdsnwhether the elements are in a set
lasterr.gdsReturn the last error message
ls.gdsnReturn the names of child nodes
moveto.gdsnRelocate a GDS node
name.gdsnReturn the variable name of a node
objdesp.gdsnVariable description
openfn.gdsOpen a GDS file
permdim.gdsnArray Transposition
print.gds.classShow the information of class "gds.class" and "gdsn.class"
put.attr.gdsnAdd an attribute into a GDS node
readex.gdsnRead data field of a GDS node with a selection
read.gdsnRead data field of a GDS node
readmode.gdsnSwitch to read mode in the compression settings
rename.gdsnRename a GDS node
setdim.gdsnSet the dimension of data field
showfile.gdsEnumerate opened GDS files
summarize.gdsnGDS object Summaries
sync.gdsSynchronize a GDS file
system.gdsGet the parameters in the GDS system
write.gdsnWrite data to a GDS node
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