Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/ggcyto
Visualize Cytometry data with ggplot

as.ggplotIt fortifies the data, fills some default settings and...
autoplotPlot fluorescence intensity in one or two dimension.
axis_x_inverse_transDisplay axis labels in raw scales
compute_statscompute the statistics of the cell population defined by...
flowCore_asinht_transInverse hyperbolic sine transformation(flowCore version).
fortify.ellipsoidGateConvert a ellipsoidGate to a data.table useful for ggplot
fortify.filterListConvert a filterList to a data.table useful for ggplot
fortify.flowSetConvert a flowFrame/flowSet/GatingSet to a ggplot-compatible...
fortify_fsFortify a model into flowSet object
fortify.polygonGateConvert a polygonGate to a data.table useful for ggplot
fortify.rectangleGateConvert a rectangleGate to a data.table useful for ggplot
geom_gateadd a flowCore gate layer
geom_overlayOverlay other populations on existing plots.
geom_statsPopluation statistics layer
getFlowFrameextract flowFrame data structure from the given R object
ggcytoCreate a new ggcyto plot
ggcyto_arrangeArrange a list of ggplot objects into gtable
ggcyto.flowSetCreate a new ggcyto plot from a flowSet
ggcyto_flowSet_addoverloaded '+' method for ggcyto
ggcyto.GatingSetCreate a new ggcyto plot from a GatingSet
ggcyto_GatingSet_addoverloaded '+' method for
ggcyto_par_defaultReturn The default ggcyto settings
ggcyto_par_setSet some default parameters for ggcyto
is.ggcytoReports whether x is a ggcyto object
is.ggcyto_flowSetReports whether x is a ggcyto_flowSet object
is.ggcyto_parReports whether x is a ggcyto_par object
labs_cytoChange axis labels and legend titles
marginalFilterGenerate a marginal gate.
plus-.ggcyto_GatingLayoutoverloaded '+' method for ggcyto_gate_layout
print.ggcytoDraw ggcyto on current graphics device.
print.ggcyto_GatingLayoutprint method for ggcyto_gate_layout class
scale_x_flowCore_fasinhflowCore inverse hyperbolic sine scale
scale_x_flowJo_biexpflowJo biexponential scale
scale_x_flowJo_fasinhflowJo inverse hyperbolic sine scale
scale_x_logicleflowJo inverse hyperbolic sine scale
stat_positioncompute the positions of the population statistics based on...
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