Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/h5vc
Managing alignment tallies using a hdf5 backend

applyTalliesPreparing the results of tallyBAM for writing to an HDF5...
batchTalliesTallying bam files in parallel using 'BatchJobs' on high...
binGenomeFunction for binning a genome.
binnedAFsEstimate allelic frequency distributions in bins along the...
callVariantsVariant calling
callVariantsFisherPaired variant calling using fisher tests
callVariantsSingleSingle sample variant calling
coverageCoverage analysis
getSampleDataReading and writing sample data from / to a tally file
h5vc-packageManaging alignment tallies using a hdf5 backend
helpershelper functions
mergeTalliesMerging the prepared results from multiple bam file tallies...
mergeTallyFilesMerging multiple tally files into one
mutationSpectrumMutation spectrum analyses
plotMutationSpectrumPlotting a mutation spectrum
prepareForHDF5Preparing the results of tallyBAM for writing to an HDF5...
tallyRangesTallying function with a 'GRanges' interface.
writeReferenceFilling the Reference dataset in a tally file from a...
writeToTallyFileWriting data to an HDF5 tally file
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