Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/hapFabia
hapFabia: Identification of very short segments of identity by descent (IBD) characterized by rare variants in large sequencing data

analyzeIBDsegmentsLoop over extracted IBD segments to supply a descriptive...
chr1ASW1000GExample genotype data in 'vcf' format
compareIBDsegmentListsHierarchical clustering of IBD segments stored in IBD segment...
extractIBDsegmentsExtract IBD segments from a 'fabia' result
findDenseRegionsFind accumulations of values via histogram counts
hapFabiaIBD segment extraction by FABIA
hapFabiaVersionDisplay version info for package 'hapFabia'
hapResExample result of 'hapFabia'
IBDsegment-classIBDsegment instances and methods
IBDsegmentList2excelStore an IBD segment list in EXCEL / csv format
IBDsegmentList-classIBDsegmentList instances and methods
identifyDuplicatesIdentify duplicates of IBD segments
iterateIntervalsLoop over DNA intervals with a call of 'hapFabia'
makePipelineFileGenerate 'pipleline.R'
matrixPlotBasic plot function for IBD segments
mergedIBDsegmentListExample IBD segment list as a result of 'hapFabia'
mergeIBDsegmentListsMerging IBD segments
plotIBDsegmentPlots an IBD segment given genotype data and tagSNVs
resExample result of 'spfabia'
setAnnotationFills in annotations of tagSNVs of a list of IBD segments
setStatisticsComputes and stores the statistics of an IBD segment list
simSimilarity measures for IBD segments
simuExample simulation data for 'hapFabia'
simulateIBDsegmentsGenerates simulated genotyping data with IBD segments
simulateIBDsegmentsFabiaGenerates simulated genotyping data with IBD segments for...
split_sparse_matrixSplits genotyping data in sparse matrix format into intervals
toolsFactorizationClassTools to analyze results of 'fabia'
vcftoFABIAConverting genotyping data from 'vcf' to sparse matrix format
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