Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/iBMQ
integrated Bayesian Modeling of eQTL data

calculateThresholdCalculate PPA significance threshold leading to a desired...
eqtlClassifierClassifying the eQTLs
eqtlMcmcBayesian Multiple eQTL mapping using MCMC
geneGene expression from whole eye tissue from n = 68 BXD RIS...
geneposGene position data frame
genotype.liverA set of 290 SNPs from 60 F2 mice.
iBMQ-packageiBMQ : An Integrated Hierarchical Bayesian Model for...
map.liverSNP position data frame
phenotype.liverGene expression from liver tissue from n = 60 F2 mice.
PPA.liverA matrix with Posterior Probabilities of Association
probe.liverGene position data frame
snpA set of 1700 SNP from 68 BXD RIS mice.
snpposSNP position data frame
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