Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/inSilicoDb
Access to the InSilico Database

getAnnotationsGet annotation information
getCurationInfoGet the available curations for a dataset
getDatasetGet dataset in ExpressionSet format
getDatasetInfoGet information about a dataset
getDatasetListGet list of all available dataset identifiers
getDatasetPlatformListGet a list of (dataset, platform) tuples
getDatasetsGet datasets in ExpressionSet format
getDefaultCurationDefault curation of a dataset
getInSilicoUserDetailsGet the details of your InSilico DB account
getPlatformListGet list of platform identifiers
getPlatformsGet platforms for a dataset
inSilicoDb-packageBasic access to the InSilico database.
InSilicoLoginLogin into the InSilico DB
InSilicoLogoutLogout of InSilico DB
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