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Prediction for test data using an object of class logicBagg.


## S3 method for class 'logicBagg'
predict(object, newData, = 0.5, 
    type = c("class", "prob"), ...)



an object of class logicBagg.


a matrix or data frame containing new data. If omitted object\$data, i.e.\ the original training data, are used. Each row of newData must correspond to a new observation. Each row of newData must contain the same variable as the corresponding column of the data matrix used in logic.bagging, i.e.\ x if the default method of logic.bagging has been used, or data without the column containing the response if the formula method has been used.

a numeric value between 0 and 1. A new observation will be classified as case (or more exactly, as 1) if the class probability, i.e.\ the average of the predicted probabilities of the models (if the logistic regression approach of logic regression has been used), or the percentage of votes for class 1 (if the classification approach of logic regression has been used) is larger than Ignored if type = "prob" or the response is quantitative.


character vector indicating the type of output. If "class", a numeric vector of zeros and ones containing the predicted classes of the observations (using the specification of will be returned. If "prob", the class probabilities or percentages of votes for class 1, respectively, for all observations are returned. Ignored if the response is quantitative.




A numeric vector containing the predicted classes (if type = "class") or the class probabilities (if type = "prob") of the new observations if the classification or the logistic regression approach of logic regression is used. If the response is quantitative, the predicted value of the response for all observations in the test data set is returned.


Holger Schwender, [email protected]

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