Man pages for Bioconductor-mirror/manta
Microbial Assemblage Normalized Transcript Analysis

cmdArgsToVariablesCreate R variables from command line parameters
collapseRepliCountsCollapse multiple technical replicate count columns into two...
compbiasPlotplot the compositional bias for the sub-taxinomic rank
compbiasTestcompositional bias test
generateWeightsGenerate Weights
in2mantaConvert a count or alignment table into a MANTA object
makeSampleDFMake a Sample Dataframe for use in Initializing a MANTA...
mantaCreate a MANTA object
manta-classMicrobial Assemblage Normalized Transcript Analysis - class
meta2countsConvert a manta object's meta slot data into counts
metataxa2subcountscreate a new (sub) count table out of a subcomponent of the...
nf2nrconvert the normalization factors to a normalization line
normfact2absTMMConvert a count or alignment table into a MANTA object
nrPrint out all the normalization ratios for each subset in a...
outliersfind the most significant or highest fold change outlier...
plot.mantaPlot a MAnTA object
pplacer2mantaconvert a pplacer taxinomic placement repository to a MANTA...
readSeastarRead SEAStAR output format
seastar2countsConvert seastar output to count data
summary.mantaSummarize a MANTA object
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